Yeti Carpet is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Birgunj and is jointly run by Reliance Group and the Kedia Organization. The plant produces Non-Woven and Tufted Flooring. Yeti Carpet was the first company in Nepal to produce both Non-Woven and Tufted Carpets. 


Yeti is a pioneer in Non-Woven carpets. It was the first company in Nepal to make non-woven carpets and has been a market leader ever since. Our non-woven carpets are made from both PP and Polyester Fibers using the latest non-woven machinery. Yeti Carpet produces both jacquard and velour carpets.

Yeti was the first company to launch Tufted Carpets in Nepal. Our current tufted offering includes 1/10 graphic carpets as well as 1/10 High Low carpets. Yeti Carpet is using world-renowned machines of Vandewiele to make its tufted carpets.

Tufted Flooring

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